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Final Changes


One more day, two more games. The four teams playing on the next game day will finalize the standing to enter playoffs this season.

No Longer Young: Chung Sing


Once one of the youngest team in Southorn Basketball Association, Chung Sing has become one of the veteran teams and returned in Flag 2013 after missing this year’s League.

Chung Sing rout Sluggish Tigers 45-36


Chung Sing rout SOUTHORN Tigers 46-35 in 2012 debut.

Chung Sing Stunned New-Look SAMURAI


SAMURAI got three new players, a new uniform and look, but not a good new start as they lost 22-34 in the season opener to Chung Sing.

Chung Ming Mok win 3-point game


[FB 1493284979908] Chung Ming Mok (MAY) scored 12 out of the maximum 20 points in the final round and beat the nine points from Ka Wai Chiu (DRE) to win the Three-Point Shoot-out this year.

Chung Sing failed in final fight


Facing the division leading Trojans, Chung Sing fought hard enough to make it a game for three periods but still fell short to make playoffs after a 34-50 loss which ended the team’s 2010 season.

Challengers Beat Buzzer, Chung Sing


Chun Lam hit a three-point shot right before the game end. Challengers won its first game this season in the last seconds after Chun Lam hit from deep and beat Chung Sing 32-30. Down by one with just more than ten seconds, Lok Ming Sin had the ball. He scored on an layup and took […]

Chung Sing Taste First Win In Season Debut


After losing all six games as an expansion in 2008, Chung Sing start a new year with a 28-18 victory over Wild Beasts. Kwok Fu Chung hit three treys for nine points, Lok Ming Sin added eight for the team, who missed playoffs last season.

Original Four United


「有光明嘅地方就有黑暗,有正義嘅地方就有邪惡!」(Or vice versa) While there is a team called SOUTHORN Phoenix in the 10th anniversary, they will need an opponent for a game.

SBL Scoring List


The League is now almost ten years old, and the statistical numbers have accumulated so much, while we may never say we are really professional statisticians, but at least besides fouls, points is the single most consistent and accurate statistics among all others.