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Hoops Around The World


The first non-HK born player in Southorn Basketball Association is featured in the middle of the picture above. Of course, we are not talking about the one who is shooting the ball, even though he does have chestnut-coloured hair. Ever since the very first game hosted by the Association, we have had foreigners taking part, […]

M.I.B. beat Photons 48-40


Corn Hui and M.I.B. defeat Photons and go to Semi-Final. Corn Hui scored 12 points and Chi Fu Yuen added 10, all five starters scored at least eight points for M.I.B., who took control in the second half and finished the third upset of the second round playoffs.

PHO 25, CHA 24


After Explorers beat Tigers by one, Photons won its first game also by one-point on the same day. Harris Wong scored a game-high 13 points and lead his team to a first victory against the Challengers, which lost for second time in three weeks and started the first season of the team 0-2.

Matrices First Lost, Still One Win Away from 3-Peat


A second and final game is needed to determine who wins the Southorn Basketball Flag like in the previous two years, as Avengers beat Matrices 41-35 on Sunday. The two teams will re-match on September 9, 17:00 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.

Matrix Reloaded


The third Southorn Basketball Flag started on July 22 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre and the second episode for Matrices begins.

Second Chance


Matrices and B.O.B. still winning, Photons, SAMURAI, Trojans, Dream Team fighting to survive.

TRO to Semi-Final, re-match DRE


Photons put up a fight for one period, slowed down the next, and was completely outplayed in the second half. Trojans march to semi-final after the 54-31 victory and will play in a re-match of last year’s semi-final against Dream Team on June 6.

S.B.L. New team & 2010 Division Result


Wild Beasts will not play in Southorn Basketball League in season 2010, the lottery result for filling the vacancy is: Ma Ying > Sipala > Seraph.

CHU routed 5 men in black


Lok Ming Sin leads Chung Sing for a first playoffs appearance. Look like a habit sometimes, M.I.B. played with limited number of players and might win. But five men in black this time is really not enough to win a game against the young Chung Sing. Behind 13 points from Lok Ming Sin, Chung Sing […]

Terence, Benny Lead Tigers In Comeback Win


Terence Chan made four free throws in the final period in a win Terence Chan scored 6 of his eight points in the final period, Benny Wong scored a game-high 16 points with three 3-pointers as Tigers come back in the second half to take a 29-27 victory over M.I.B. and concluded the O4 series with a […]