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Chiu edged Leo to beomce She-Key King


After tying Seung Lung Chin (Leo, DRE) at the free-throw spot within one minute and thirty seconds, Chi Chiu Au (SAM) spent only 13 more seconds to complete the game and become winner of the She-Key Contest.

Third Time Lucky for TRN against EMP?


A team in yellow has just won two games in the NBA Finals and is now two wins away from being back-to-back champion. On the coming Sunday in Kowloon, another team in yellow will need only one victory to become champion again.

EMP to Defend Title at MacPherson Stadium against TRN


While we cannot yet know which two teams to be play in the Final in the USA, there are two teams will fight for championship in Kowloon.

Flag 14 #7 – Extremely New


Two top players from a former champion team needed a third try to win their first game as a new team called Extreme.

Nine Teams in Flag 14


Two new, seven old: nine teams will be fighting for the Flag this summer.

The Leading Scorers


(Sorry, we cancelled any prize or award for the scoring leader since a few seasons ago already.) Chiu Ka Wai (DRE #4) has his season ended with Dream Team’s loss in the second round, but he is still leading the league with exactly 13 points per game. Kenny Tsang (BBB #4) averaged 12.3 points per game […]

Unbeaten B.B.B. Edged Dream Team


MVP: Perhaps an MVP is not always on the winning team. Chiu Ka Wai singlehandedly kept Dream Team in the low-scoring game, had 14 of the team’s first 16 points through the middle of the third period. (But it was the number four on the other team that took over in the final period, see […]

Next: “Elite Eight”


A round up of May 12 and also the schedule upcoming.

April 21 Round-Up


Photons look to reach 3rd place in Division and Avengers stay unbeaten on Sunday.

Around The League (Mar 3)


Dream Team snap losing streak. H.F.C. outlast GRIZZ. Avengers and B.B.B. stayed unbeaten.