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See you at Mongkok!


(A photo stolen from the Internet again.) Are you ready?

Mok poured 22 in Rout against Ryders


MA YING handed the league’s new team Ryders a 46-20 loss on the first day of the season.

Mok’s 18 Help MA YING Return to Final


Chung Ming Mok (MAY #11) poured 18 points with four three-pointers and helped MA YING to beat H.F.C. in Semi-Final at Smithfield Sports Centre and will try to be champion again against the same team last year.

MAY Outlasted BOB in 2OT


Ivan Shiu put back to the basket as MA YING edged B.O.B. 45-43 in two extra periods on Sunday and reach Semi-Final again.

Dominant MA YING beat Trojans


In a re-match of 2010’s Final, MA YING allowed only 23 points from Trojans while scoring 42 to win this year’s season début.

Chung Ming Mok win 3-point game


[FB 1493284979908] Chung Ming Mok (MAY) scored 12 out of the maximum 20 points in the final round and beat the nine points from Ka Wai Chiu (DRE) to win the Three-Point Shoot-out this year.

Chiu edged Leo to beomce She-Key King


After tying Seung Lung Chin (Leo, DRE) at the free-throw spot within one minute and thirty seconds, Chi Chiu Au (SAM) spent only 13 more seconds to complete the game and become winner of the She-Key Contest.



(Jean Grey “Phoenix” from Marvel.com) There are not a lot of basketball players died in a game, but the basketball life of a player could end when they, for instance, lost just one single ligament or broke a tiny little bone. Some of these unfortunate players have come back, and some could be even stronger than before […]

Photons Beat Shorthanded T-REX


The shorthanded T-REX could not avoid a free fall in standing and they lost 19-38 to Photons, who remains unbeaten and will look for a perfect 6-0 before they enter the playoffs as the number one seed in FLIGHT Division.

S.B.L. 2008 – Season Preview


Another season of the young S.B.L. is coming, the league expanded again, this season from 12 teams to 14. Teams are again divided into two divisions, FLIGHT and FORCE like last season. Seven teams will play in each division in a round robin format before the playoffs. It will be more competitive this year, since […]