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SBL Power Ranking


Happy Chinese New Year, and the first month of the season has just ended, but it means the new year has just begun!

HOOPS 2016 Is Open


The next Southorn Basketball League will begin in 2016 January and we are now looking forward to seeing 14 teams to play together again. It is now open for application.

Working Overtime


In just the first month of 2015, three games needed overtime to determine a winner. One of them even needed two.

Hoops Around The World


The first non-HK born player in Southorn Basketball Association is featured in the middle of the picture above. Of course, we are not talking about the one who is shooting the ball, even though he does have chestnut-coloured hair. Ever since the very first game hosted by the Association, we have had foreigners taking part, […]

Who are Your NBA Top 10?


At this point, who are your top 10 NBA players?

Gimme 5! — HOOPS.HK ver 2.0


Read this if you visit HOOPS.HK often, skip this if you don’t use the Internet much. “Using Internet” includes web browsing,  Facebook-ing, Tweeter-ing, etc. Viewing the official homepage of Southorn Basketball Association homepage surely is one of them. Now, everybody can sign up as an user in HOOPS.HK. There are mainly three kinds of users: […]

Road to Southorn Stadium


The S.B.L. Final will be held at a non-LCSD court for the first time ever.

HFC rout short-handed TRO


Jerry Lee scored 22 points, but Nikko Kwok used a pro-like level stat line to lift H.F.C. past Trojans.

Southorn Basketball Flag ( 呢期邊個揸旗 )


Obviously, this is another stolen picture… we are thieves… A new tournament titled Southorn Basketball Flag is going to be held after the Southorn Basketball League is finished. All current (and former) S.B.L. teams will be invited to join before it will open to other teams “outside”.

SPIRIT beat short-handed champ


Bothered by injuries, the defending champion has been struggling this season. Good news to SPIRIT. Taking a 32-29 victory in this must-win match-up over Dream Team and kept the chance to advance alive.