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Analytics Updated with Player Games


Player Game Finder is back, and should be debugged, hopefully. The page is available from main menu > Analytics > Player Game Finder, or simply click here: http://hoops.hk/analytics/player-game-finder/

Raimondian Game 2013


As the Raimondians in HOOPS.HK grew older, lost to injuries, or being parents, in order to get more legs, it is time to follow our mother school: add some female participants.



===賽前「集瞓」=== 日期:6月12日(星期日) 地點:士美菲體育館 時間:下午7時許至9時

Analytics Updated with more tools


After the Player Game Finder is back earlier this year, the Milestone Watch has also returned and a new tool Multi-player Game Finder is added to HOOPS.HK. Both pages are placed under the main menu now. On the other hand, on Player Game Finder page, a new item of “Game Number” is added. For example, […]

Who remembered the Tees?


When it was the 5th anniversary of Southorn Basketball Association, you’ve got a “T”. Does anybody remember?

SBL’16 Bracket Predictions


Not a single match-up of SBL Play-offs 2016  is officially confirmed at this moment, but at least we could still have some predictions. In fact, the standings could only be finalized in the final seconds of the final game this Sunday.

Hoops Around The World


The first non-HK born player in Southorn Basketball Association is featured in the middle of the picture above. Of course, we are not talking about the one who is shooting the ball, even though he does have chestnut-coloured hair. Ever since the very first game hosted by the Association, we have had foreigners taking part, […]

Flag 14 #9 – Struggling Ryders


It’s now two full years since Ryders first joined SBA. While they are fighting hard, they cannot close this summer series with a victory.

(Four) More Teams To Join?


Perhaps people still like we have the warm-up period from the League which the Flag series lack unless you reached Finals (or fight for the last place…), Southorn Basketball Flag (already trimmed from 12 teams when it was first held to only eight the past two years) was not so popular last year when we almost […]

Here Comes Play-offs 2013


The first round play-offs of Southorn Basketball League 2013 will tip-off on May 12.