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Michael, Jerry Rout GRI 27 Points


Michael Lau (TRO #11) scored a double-double and a game-high 17 points and Jerry Lee (TRO #5) added 14 for Trojans, who rout GRIZZ 59-32 in Semi-Final on Sunday and the defending champion is returning to the Final for a 2010 re-match.

Jerry’s 4th Period Burst Lift Defending Champ


Trojans scored 19 points in the final period for a 36-31 victory over new team Wyverns, who has only five players dressed and dropped to 0-2 to start the season.

Michael, Jerry lift Trojans past GRIZZ


Michael’s hot hands lifted Trojans past GRIZZ. Michael Lau shot 7-on-10 from the floor for 15 points and Jerry added nine as Trojans beat GRIZZ 42-30 on Sunday to advance to the Semi-Final.

The Second SBL Champion


With two new teams joined to play, and started in late September of 2006, the second season ended in the first week of 2007. In their second season, SAMURAI lost only once in five games before play-offs, an one-point loss to M.I.B. The first-seeded team however lost just in their first play-off game against Trojans, […]

Points Scored in League


As H.F.C. advance, Tabo could have three more games to reach another milestone in the Southorn Basketball League.

Anfernee’s 15 Lift Avengers


MVP: The TEAM. Yung Huen Ling scored a team-high 15 points but next to nothing other than points, the guy is in the above picture only because this photo is nice, Leung Sai Man has only two points (but dished five times), the tallest Avengers was scoreless and Jerry Lee did not score in the final period. […]

The 700th Points


Tabo reached 700 points

One Point Shy of 700


Tabo reached 699 League points on April 7. Nikko top rebound list.

2013, Fight!


The SBL 2013 started with a win by the defending champion MA YING over Dream Team.

Looking At A Milestone


The milestone watch is finally back as a webpage that can be checked. H.F.C. is now entering their seventh season in Southorn Basketball League and their leading scorer looks to reach another milestone. Tabo Chak (HFC #92) has scored 648 points in 52 games played in the League (676 if those in the Flag is also […]