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SBL Does Not Have Hawks and Warriors


In SBL there are no teams calling themselves Hawks or Warriors (yes we have animals like Tigers and soldiers like SAMURAI…), just it seems we are really looking forward to seeing Photons to face EMPEROR, the two unbeaten teams with five victories and zero loss, in the Final this year as many may anticipate a Hawks-Warriors […]

BBB Hold Off RYD Rally, Win 2nd Game


Chan Chi Lung (BBB #32) poured 19 points and seven rebounds Kenny Tsang (BBB #4) added 12 and eight boards as B.B.B. defeat Ryders 49-35 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre on Feb 17.

MA YING Wins Two In A Row


Already the defending champions, hot hands from Otto Chan (MAY #2) and Jonathan Poon (MAy #44) lift MA YING for a second straight win in 2013 as they beat Spartans 46-33.

Dream Team Breaks Scoring Record (Apr 15 Round-Up)


[ April 15 Round-Up ] Dream Team set new records and more on Sunday at Sheung Wan Sports Centre

Spartans pull away in second half, beat GRIZZ


Another semi-finalist last season also lost their first game of this year but GRIZZ was beaten by a new team Spartans 34-29.