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Original 4, 3 Teams, 2 Games, 1 Day


The Original Four 2011 will be held on Nov 27 despite there are only three teams now.

Jan 16 Round-Up


Two weeks into the season, Chung Sing’s brief (and amazing) lead in division with their season-opening victory is done as GRIZZ took a second win to top it after edging La Star. Dream Team also played two games and dropped Chung Sing to third in standings. H.F.C. started 2011 with a 62-30 victory and is […]

Double Fault


Four teams lost twice and headed to consolation now. On the other hand, four winners on Sunday are safe for now, but only two of them still have chance to advance. Two games each from Winner and Loser bracket will be held on July 25 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre.

Flag Day One Actions


Southorn Basketball Flag finally started yesterday at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre. Day One round-up.

May Round-Up: Done in SBL


SOUTHORN Tigers came as close as a tie in the final period against GRIZZ in the first round playoffs but was out-lasted and exited after the 38-49 loss on May 16. Benny Wong scored 16 points and became the first Tiger ever to average double-digit scoring (11.4 ppg) in a season. In the same afternoon, […]

Round 2, Fight!


Take a break, but it’s a short one. The first round this year started with an upper-seed loss, followed by two blow-outs and finished with a sluggish close-fight which still ended as a double-digit loss at last. And the next round is May 23.

SAMURAI, H.F.C. Re-Match Again


Eight teams showed up on Day 1 (January 6) and on Day 2 (January 13), the other six teams, H.F.C., SAMURAI, SOUTHORN Tigers, Trojans, GRIZZ and Photons, are coming.