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Smithfield Sports Centre


Smithfield Sports Centre located at 4/F-7/F, Smithfield Municipal Services Building, 12K Smithfield, Hong Kong (adjacent to Kennedy Town Swimming Pool). It was open for public use on 6 July 1996. The first Final game of Southorn Basketball League was held at Smithfield Sports Centre and the court received generally good responses with the newer and […]

First Round Round Up


First round of SBL 2011 ended on Sunday at Smithfield Sports Centre.

This day 14 years ago, we tipped off!


If just four teams can form a league, so the league is formed. The first season of Southorn Basketball League was a two-phase event with the four teams taking part in a single round-robin format, so they will fight for a “standing” (sorry, there is no “home-court” thus no advantage for that) before they enter […]

Road To Macpherson 2016


SBA will be ten years old this summer, to celebrate it a bit and make it special (also a bit), the Final of Southorn Basketball League is going to be held at Macpherson Stadium…

Finalizing Standings


Eight teams have finished the six division games of the Southorn Basketball League 2016, but the most of the play-off positions could still be only finalized after next Sunday at Smithfield Sports Centre.

SBL’16 has 12 teams


Welcome back, BKIDS. And then we have twelve teams in Southorn Basketball League 2016.

Half-Time Show


Seven days with 28 games in 2014 were finished, and this is now the “Mid-Point” of the SBL season. (But we do not have an All-Star Break). The bottom of each division may still be messed, but the top part is clearer.

Winner 2013: Photons


Considered one of best teams in SBA for long, Photons grabbed a first title in Flag 2013.

Split The Series To Be 3rd: Ryders


Ryders won their first two games before falling shot to beat SAMURAI and lost in the loser bracket Final to rank 3rd overall in Flag 2013.

Win Some Finally: SOUTHORN Tigers


One of the oldest teams, in terms of both time the team joined and those players’ age, SOUTHORN Tigers split the four games played and ranked 5th in Flag 2013.