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Matrices Win It Thrice


Matrices defeat Avengers 38-28 in the Final Flag game on September 9 and is still the only team that have won the series which is just three years old.

HFC rout short-handed TRO


Jerry Lee scored 22 points, but Nikko Kwok used a pro-like level stat line to lift H.F.C. past Trojans.

Sunny’s Winning shot gets Trojans Final appearance


Sunny Wong hit the game winner in the final seconds, took back a one-point lead and give Trojans a chance to become a champion for a second time.

TRO to Semi-Final, re-match DRE


Photons put up a fight for one period, slowed down the next, and was completely outplayed in the second half. Trojans march to semi-final after the 54-31 victory and will play in a re-match of last year’s semi-final against Dream Team on June 6.

Trojans defeat MA YING for 5th win


Ivan Shiu had a double-double, but MA YING may drop to even 5th place if they lose their next game after failing to get a chance to top FLIGHT Division. Behind 12 points from Mike Mak and 10 from Jerry Lee, Trojans clinched the first position in division after a 46-35 victory.

5 Photons Scored 46 in Loss


Michael and Trojans hand Photon’s second loss in 2009 With each player playing all 40 minutes of the game, Photons — who had only five players available — almost erased a 13-point deficit and just missed a three-point shot at the end of the game before they lost 46-48 to Trojans.