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GRIZZ for Gold, Kings for Silver

2007.09.17 15:15

2nd SOUTHORN BASKETBALL 3 ON 3 finished on September 16 at Western Park Sports Centre. GRIZZ beat Chun Sing 15-12 to take the Gold Cup and Kings beat Staff Team 15-10 to take the Silver.

Gold Cup

H.F.C. (4th) defeat T-REX (5th) in a close fight as the game tied at 10 in twelve minutes. Vincent Siu missed a potential tying free throw and T-REX only fight for the 5th place against Squirrel (6th), who lost to GRIZZ (1st) in the first round. Being one of the only two unbeaten teams in the Gold Cup semi-final, H.F.C. lost to Chun Sing (2nd) 20-12 and lost also in the 3rd place game 18-10 to SAMURAI (3rd), and only ranked 4th overall. GRIZZ was unbeaten in the whole event and take away the Gold Cup behind 7 points from Ka Wai Fu. Photons (8th) has only two players to show up in the first round but Ivan Shiu came to the court in the 7th place game against Skywalker (7th), who won 18-12 in their final match-up.

Silver Cup

Staff Team (2nd) beat Wild Beasts (4th) 15-10 behind eleven points from Benny Wong while in another semi-final match-up, Louis made a final three-point field goal for Kings (1st) and beat H.F.C.2 (3rd) 15-14. Challengers (7th) and Trojans(7th) did not attend the game. M.I.B. (6th) has only two players for the night. G.T. Explorers ranked 5th.

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