2023-12-07 18:19:21

Flag 2013 Round-Up

2013.10.02 07:59

Congratulations again to Photons, who won Southorn Basketball Flag 2013 which ended last month and the next season of Southorn Basketball League will begin in January 2014.

Details for Southorn Basketball League 2014 will be announced later, and current teams will have the priority to join first.

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Rankings of Flag 2013:

  1. Photons
  3. Ryders
  4. Chung Sing
  5. SOUTHORN Tigers
  6. M.I.X.
  7. Mystery
  8. Twisters

Thank you very much to the support and assistance from all teams, players, referees, statisticians and helpers and let’s meet again soon.

Chung SingHarris WongM.I.X.MysteryPhotonsRydersSAMURAISOUTHORN TigersTwisters