2023-10-03 05:13:03

Locations Page is back too

2020.05.03 16:29

WHERE are you going? The Location Page is available again now.

A direct google map image is no longer available but a link to Google Map is put on each location page, even I don’t think those who are reading this does not know how to go there. It could still be useful if you, somehow, forgot where it is, or if you are new to indoor games.

Also listed there are the best players and teams for major statistics, so you can find who are the best on the basketball floor of each of the locations.

One little improvement to previous version is that, data for Western Park Sports Centre is now grouped together with Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre. In the old website, they are regarded as two separate places. The page for Western Park Sports centre is still available but is no longer listed separately.