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HFC 40, MIB 35

2006.09.24 18:17

It was black and white in the first game of the season, while the H.F.C. in white beat the Men In Black 40:35. H.F.C. number 7 Colin Wong scored the team��s first 7 points while M.I.B. number 7 also score first for his team. M.I.B. guard Leo Chow hit a three pointer for his team and the score was tied at 9 at the end of the first period. He then score his team��s first points by another trey in the next period. While both side has missed free throws and the score was tied again at 15 entering the halftime break. Neither team has lead more than points throughout the first half. H.F.C. missed all 9 attempts from beyond the arc in the first half. M.I.B. had the two treys in the first half on five attempts. While Colin Wong scored 9 of his 14 points in the first half, it was Tabo Chak who took over the second half. Scored only three points in the first half, all at the line, the H.F.C. forward score 11 points in the second half. He had 7 in the final period which include a three point shot that reached the 30-point mark for his team. The two scorers combined 28 of the team��s 40 points. The speedy M.I.B. guard Leo Chow made two free throws in the final period, the points scored since his trey in the 2nd period. He made another basket and scored a team high 10 points. Jefferson Tong has only 8 points and rebound apiece. Ben Cheng scored nine points off the bench, but he has no rebound recorded. H.F.C. hit two treys in the second half. Forward Nikko Kwok had 7 points and added 8 rebounds. Marco Tse has 4 assists and one steal off the bench. Both teams shoot well in the final period, when H.F.C. shoot 7-14 and M.I.B. hit 6 of 10. Both teams made one third of the attempts in the field. They also have the same number of defensive boards and personal fouls. M.I.B. committed 17 turnovers this night. Forward-centre Adrian Chou was late for the game and did not start.