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SAM 44, HFC 32

2006.10.22 22:20

Tabo Chak scored a league record 20 points, but the H.F.C. forward could not find enough help as they lost 32:44 to the league leading SAMURAI in the third game of the season. This win gave SAMURAI a 3-0 record and their 4th straight win since they lost in the Semi-Final last seaosn. Both teams started slowly when SAMURAI lead only 7:4 to close the first period. Tabo Chak scored all the points for H.F.C, by one field goal and two free throws. Tough defense by the SAMURAI continued in the ensuing period, which again only 4 H.F.C. points were allowed. In his season debut, SAMURAI centre Dennis Chang hit 5-6 of the field goals in the first half, scored 10 of his eleven points this night. He added also 6 rebounds, 2 assists and one steal despite 4 turnovers were committed. SAMURAI outscored H.F.C. 12-4 in the second period and lead 19:9 at the break. Played by only seven players, H.F.C. were still able to fight hard in the third period behind Tabo Chak��s six points which include one trey. However, back-to-back three-pointers by SAMRUAI captain Eric Leung maintained the lead and the H.F.C. is still down by 10 entering the final period. Eric Leung had 12 points for the night, all from three-point range. Looked like an one-man team, H.F.C. has almost all the scoring load on Tabo Chak��s shoulder. The H.F.C. forward scored 8 points on 4-13 shooting in the final period. But he and teammates looked too tired, especially after Kitao Fung was fouled out in the 3rd period, and they lost a couple of fast break points, and couldn��t get any closer. SAMURAI guard Calvin Au made all four field goals in the final period, scored 8 of his 9 points off the bench. Patrick Lai, the scoring leader of the previous night by 17 points, added only 5 points on 2-7 shooting. The forward added 8 boards, one assist and one steal. SAMURAI forward Jack Chiu has four fouls for the second straight game. Teammate James Kwan did not attend the game.

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