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TRO 43, GTE 19

2006.10.22 22:00

Until a healthy and complete roster could be formed, the G.T. Explorers do not look like to win a game again yet. Despite another new face in Nathan Bryant playing for the team, the Explorers were, again, depleted. Only six players showed up on time and seven players dressed for the night. While the Trojans have extra players, one of the evelen dressed ones was not even on the active roster list. Perhaps there were communication issue within the team, the player was held out for the rest of the game, a technical foul was called to the team captain. But the Explorers captain Eddie Sze missed both free throws. Trojans made 6 of the first 13 attempts in the first period. Guard Jerry lee scored 9 of his eleven points in the period. He added 3 rebounds and 3 steals for the night. In the second period, the Explorers looked like they were able to fight still. Despite being the only one to score, captain Eddies Sze scored 7 points on his first three field goal attempts of the game. The undersized Explorers outrebounded the Trojans 10-4 and the Trojans shoot only 2-13. It was only a five-point lead for the Trojans at the break. The difference between the teams showed clearly in the third period. With lack of depth, the Explorers have rested only little time. Kelvin Lui and Edwin Choi were both fouled out in the period and it gave no reserve anymore for the team. In the third period, Martin Khan is the only Explorers to score. The team committed 8 turnovers in just the period has only 6 field goal attempts. The Trojans took advantage and they made 5 of 9 field goals and 4 of 8 free throws, and outscored the opponent 14-2. Martin Khan fouled out too with a few minutes left and leaving the team with only four players on the floor. Trojans continue to outscore them and took their first win of the season. Explorers Dick Lee commited 10 turnovers. The guard has 3 points, 3 boards, 2 assists and 2 steals. Trojans Jacky Lee, who was not on the active roster, was found playing in the second period and was held out for the rest of the game.

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