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GRI 34, TRO 29

2007.04.30 17:18

Trojans looked flat at first, bounce back in the middle, but looked flat again down the stretch as they lost for the first time since 2006 December. Leo Chow broke the tie at 29 with a three-point shot with less than 40 seconds left before Jerry Lee missed a running jumper. Gary Chong took a long in-bound pass and made the final basket of the game as GRIZZ took away a 34-29 victory from the defending champion.

Trojans had six points from Jerry Lee, Michael Lau and Edward Wong in the first period but the team was down by three. GRIZZ guard Ka Wai Fu had 5 points and teammate Ho Win Chan helped with four to give the team a 9-4 advantage.

The Trojans bounced back and held GRIZZ scoreless in the second period as they took the lead back and gained a 7-point lead before the break. Trojans shot 5-11 from the field and Michael Lau grabbed seven of his 15 boards in the period. GRIZZ simpled looked out of sync, when they missed all eleven shots and two free throws.

The GRIZZ re-grouped and did better after the break. Ka Wai Fu had the first five points for the team. A basket from Gary Chong followed by three points from Leo Chow helped the team to stay in the game as the Trojans cooled down. Michael Lau added four points and Edward Wong had two in the period and Trojans still lead by three.

Trojans was still cool in the final period and let the lead slipped away.

Jerry Lee made a free throw as the team lead again 28-27 before Gary Chong made a basket to make it 29-28. Jerry Lee made one of two free throws to tie the game again at 29 with less than 40 seconds left.

GRIZZ guard Tony Chow fouled out in the final period. He had three rebounds and one assist.

Trojans’ centre Will Kam fill the box score with six rebounds, three assists, one steal and two blocks but was scoreless and missed all six free throws. The team was 5-14 at the line, while GRIZZ was 4-13.

Sunny Wong was scoreless in his season debut, he had two rebounds and one blocked shot.

Michael Lau had 11 points and a career best 15 rebounds for his first career double-double. Jerry Lee added 8 points and two assists.