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TRX 31, CHA 25

2007.06.25 17:29

Tied the game at times, Challengers, who is hopeless on changing the overall standing, is just short to lost 25-31 to T-REX, who already clinched the number two spot in FORCE Division.

Despite shooting only 2-11, Challengers did not allow T-REX to shoot much better from the floor either, as both teams had only two field goals in the first period. T-REX managed to score more points from the line, as they made four of the six free throw attempts.

T-REX shoot well on 3-7 but they committed 9 turnovers in the second period as Challengers had 3 baskets plus two foul shots to stay close in the game.

Challengers has the best first half ever with a deficit at the break by only two points.

Five different Challengers, Danny Ho, Silas Chow, Tung Heung and Venus Cheung scored in the third period and combined for nine points. Just Vincent Siu did not allow them to take a lead as he scored five points in the same period.

Ryan Lee made a basket from deep, followed another basket by Michael Wu, and Vincent Siu added five more points in the final period to save the game and kept the Challengers from their first victory since they joined the league.

Vincent Siu had 15 rebounds for the night, 8 in the just the first half. He shot 4-5 from the field and 5-8 at the line for 13 points and a second straight double-double. Teammate Michael Wu had 6 points, three rebounds and one assist.

Tung Heung came off the bench and lead all Challengers by six points. He had also three rebounds and two assists. Bryant Chan, Venus Cheung and Brian Chan each scored four points but combined for just 5-26 shooting. Brian Chan added a team high 8 boards, five on the offensive end.

T-REX had 30 turnovers, Challengers had only 16, but was out-rebounded 25-42.

Challengers had not outscored the opponent in all but one period entering the game. Challengers had a 11-7 final period against Photons in a one-point loss on April 15. They did not lead since Brian Chan scored the first two points in the game before Vincent Siu made his first free throw in the first period.

T-REX scored the first four points of the game at the line, but never made one again until the final point in the 3rd period. They finished the game with another three free throws.