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FLIGHT and FORCE Divison 2008

2007.12.17 00:00

The lottery for dividing teams is done on a very special day with the witness of the Chairman Benny Wong, Vice-Chairman Ken Leung, Chief Financial Officer Cindy Lee, Representative of Trojans (!?) Patrick Tse and Representative of G.T. (the company, not the team) Edward Fong.

On this big day to the Vice-Chairman Ken, with the help of his team of “brothers” in a hotel lobby, the teams are divided into two groups by Ladders (also know as Ghost Leg or Amidakuji). (It was what an important event.)


  • FLIGHT Division
    1. SOUTHORN Tigers
    2. Photons
    3. M.I.B.
    4. T-REX
    5. Trojans
    6. Chung Sing
    7. D.S.F.
  • FORCE Division
    1. H.F.C.
    2. GRIZZ
    3. G.T. Explorers
    4. SAMURAI
    5. Wild Beasts
    6. Challengers
    7. Dream Team

Ken Leung working for the lottery.

The final results.


  • D.S.F. Benson Kwong and Michael Chan will not play against their former team SAMURAI until at least playoffs; Dream Team Venus Cheung is grouped with his former team Challengers; Chung Sing will need to play against their “coach”, Dennis Chang of SOUTHORN Tigers.
  • The 2007 top three scoring leaders are grouped together in FORCE Division.
  • GRIZZ did not meet G.T. Explorers, SAMURAI, Wild Beasts and Dream Team before, while H.F.C. met all but the new teams this season.
  • H.F.C. and Trojans are not going to meet until playoffs since in the Season II Final.
  • Challengers, the only team Tigers have not played before, will not meet the red team at least for the next six games.
  • The two teams in 2007 3rd Fight (SOU, PHO) and Final (HFC, GRI) are placed in the same Division.
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