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GRI 35, SAM 29

2008.02.18 17:44

Shooting only 1-5 from the field and split a pair of free throw in his quiet first half did not keep Ka Wai Fu from scoring.

Ah So scored a game-high 14, 10 in the second half and lead GRIZZ for the second straight victory. It also handed SAMURAI a first loss of the season by 29-35.

Both teams started slow in the beginning. It was only tied at 4 in the first period.

Ka Wai Fu hi his 6th three-pointer of the season and put GRIZZ to a lead before Chi Chiu Au cut it to 6-7. GRIZZ then went on for a 6-0 run for a 13-6 advantage and kept a five-point advantage at halftime.

Mark Au and Jackie Lai started the second half for five points to tie the game. Ka Ming Wan then hit his first basket in the league and capped a 7-0 run to give SAMURAI the lead, the first and only time in the game.

Tony Chow score two straight points from the floor, and Ka Wai Fu was fouled before he made all three free throws and returned a 7-0 run to close the third period.

Three pointers by Eric Leung and Chi On Lau helped to cut the deficit to one, but Tony Chow and Ka Wai Fu answered again, combined for four foul shots and Johnny Lim drove to the basket for a layup to put the lead back to five again.

After a few turnovers and change of possessions without scoring, Ka Wai Fu first blocked a shot from Chi Chiu Au from beyond the arc, drove past three defenders and score off the glass, then grabbed another rebound, going from east to west for another tough running jumper in the traffic which give his team a 34-25 lead, the biggest in the game, with less than three minutes left. GRIZZ went on for a 35-29 victory and remain unbeaten in two games this season.

Ka Wai Fu added also 9 boards three assists and blocked two shots.

Jackie Lai bounce back from his shooting slump this season and scored five points. He added also six boards. SAMURAI centre James Kwan was in street clothes, he did not play due to flu symptoms.

Chi Chiu Au came off the bench and had a team-high 8 points, but on 4-12 shooting.

SAMURAI was 2 on twelve at the charity stripe, GRIZZ was 10-22. Ka Wai Fu made 4 on 5 at the line in the first half, but was only 4-8 in the second.

All but three players in the game did not score.