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HFC 60, CHA 39

2008.03.31 17:49

The game looked different at the beginning and at the end again for the Challengers, this time, however, is not similar to what have seen before.

Challengers, who has two comeback victories entering Sunday, started the game early and quick. Yuen Ki Chiu scored 16 points in just the first period and Brian Chan was the only other Challengers to score.

Not being in a game for more than two months, H.F.C. had 8 points from Tabo Chak and the team was down by four at the end of the first period.

Nikko Kwok helped H.F.C. calmly and tied the game twice at 20 and 22. After Shawn Man made a three-point shot for a 25-22 lead, H.F.C. didn’t trail again. This trey started a 11 to zero run. Tung Heung added a free throw for Challengers but they were down by 10 at halftime.

While Shawn Man started the second half from outside with another trey, Challengers focused on driving to the basket. Tung Heung had three layups for six straigh team’s point but they couldn’t get any closer than 10 points.

Tabo Chak scored the eleven straight points in the third period for H.F.C. who extended the lead to 14-point.

Challengers, who continued to find Yuen Ki Chiu on long-pass, fastbreak points, failed to get any closer in the final period. They were also unable to defend, seeing Nikko Kwok went on for 9 more points in the final period for a personal high 20 points. H.F.C. went on for a 13-6 4th period and a 21-point victory, which is the second highest difference this season, only beaten by the 30-point difference in the next game of the same evening by GRIZZ and G.T. Explorers.

After this game Tabo Chak tied Yuen Ki Chiu for the scores ranking, both had 21 points per game. Yuen Ki Chiu had 24 points, was 11-21 from the field but turned the ball over eight times. Tung Heung added 7 points, Brian Chan had six and tied a game-high seven boards.

Tabo Chak, Patrick Ip, Marco Tse and Shawn Man each recorded two steals.

H.F.C. shot over 48 percent from the field, Challengers at about 41.

H.F.C. had 15 team assists, Tabo Chak, Marco Tse and Shawn Man each had four.

The twenty points scored in the first period is a season-high in a single period. Challengers had 19 in the 4th period against SAMURAI earlier this season. SOUTHORN Tigers had 23 points against G.T. Explorers in 2006.

The 99 total points ranked 4th in league history and 60 points by H.F.C. are two points behind SOUTHORN Tigers’ 62 and ranked number two.

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