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1 Unbeaten, 2 Winless

2008.04.07 14:01

Chung Sing has yet to win a game

Chung Sing is 0-4, and time is running short.

One unbeaten team and two winless teams will be featured this Sunday (April 13) at Sheung Wan Sports Centre. Chung Sing (0-4) is looking for a first win against Trojans (2-2) while G.T. Explorers (0-3) will face SAMURAI (2-2). Photons, which had won four games in a row and remain unbeaten, will try to keep it going against T-REX.

Game 1 at 17:10 – Trojans (2-2) vs Chung Sing (0-4)

Chung Sing is on the brink of elimination from the playoffs. Should they lost this match they will be certain for the bottom spot in the division since even M.I.B. lost its final game, the best scenerio for Chung Sing is still only a 1-5 tie while M.I.B. defeated Chung Sing earlier this season.

Game 2 at 18:20 H.F.C. (3-1) vs Dream Team (2-2)

Coming off a season-high, 60-point scoring effort against Challengers, H.F.C. will play against Dream Team, who has the second highest-scoring this season at 59 point, also against the Challengers. Tabo Chak averaged 21 points in two games, followed by 13 by Nikko Kwok.

Game 3 at 19:30 – Photons (4-0) vs T-REX (3-1)

T-REX will try to win this and take over the top place in FLIGHT Division. Wing Kit Tang averaged 11 points and eight rebounds for T-REX, followed by Chung Ming Mok (7) and Vincent Siu (6.7). Ivan Siu leads Photons by 9 points and rebound apiece while Harris Wong had 3.3 assists per game and ranked third in the league. The surging Photons will secure the number one seed in FLIGHT Division should they defeat T-REX.

Game 4 at 19:40 – SAMURAI (2-2) vs G.T. Explorers(0-3)

SAMURAI lost two straight games, but is trying to avoid a third straight when they face the struggling Explorers, which is still looking for a win. Chi Chiu Au leads his team by 8.3 points but had only 2 points in previous loss to Challengers. Explorers’ big man Van Law totalled 25 points and 19 boards in the past two games but the team was lack of help otherwise.

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