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Photons Beat Shorthanded T-REX

2008.04.14 16:48

The shorthanded T-REX could not avoid a free fall in standing and they lost 19-38 to Photons, who remains unbeaten and will look for a perfect 6-0 before they enter the playoffs as the number one seed in FLIGHT Division.

Ivan Shiu scored six of his game-high 12 points in the first period, when Photons took a 11 and none advatange. After five missed field goals, T-REX managed only three points from Chris Chan before the period ends.

With only seven dressed players, T-REX did not look better in the second period, when Harris Wong came off the bench for five points and Tl Li added four. Photons scored another eleven points in the period and led 22-8 at half-time.

Michael Wu was the only other T-REX to score in the first half, when T-REX was three on 21 from the floor.

Both teams started cold in the second half.

Photons shot two on thirteen, had only four points in the period, while T-REX had five points, with 2-12 shooting.

Ivan Au and Ryan Lee were fouled out in the final period, left T-REX with exactly five players on the floor.

T-REX had eighteen attempts from the three-point line, made three. Photons split the pair of three-point attempts.

Vincent Siu, Wing Kit Tang and Chi Yip Wong, the top three scorers for T-REX this season, did not attend the game.

Cherry Tsui (illness) did not play.

Photons clinched the top seed in the FLIGHT division by this win. Photons will play against the winner of a first round playoff between the number four in FORCE Divison (now SAMURAI) and number five in FLIGHT Division, which is T-REX currently.