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Here Comes the O4 Final

2008.12.05 09:06

The short series comes come to an end finally. The last two games for these four teams will be held  on December 14 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre. G.T. Explorers will face SAMURAI for the Final of this event at 19:30 after the 3rd place game by M.I.B. and SOUTHORN Tigers at 18:15.

After losing the series debut to M.I.B. followed by a victory over the Tigers SAMURAI had nothing to play for in the second loser bracket as M.I.B. failed to get 5 players in uniform. They will try to take the advantage and beat G.T. Explorers to become the winner of the four teams. While after a promising victory to begin November, M.I.B. dropped two straight and will play against SOUTHORN Tigers for the 3rd place.