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Old Faces, New Teams

2008.12.30 10:07

Dennis Chang Back to Chung Sin

Two “Mings” (Dennis Chang and Lok Ming Sin) will play together in 2009.

While many new faces are coming, roster changes come not only from outside. There are three current players going to play with new teammates this season.

Dennis Chang, who averaged 8.5 pts as a SAMURAI in the first season then led SOUTHORN Tigers by 8.3 pts in last two seasons, will play for a third team in the league since he is returning to Chung Sing, the young team that he coached. Lok Ming Sin and teammates will re-join their coach and start 2009 with also some new teammates.

Eric Ngai is now a SAMURAI

Eric Ngai is going to boost SAMURAI’s inside power.

Eric Ngai, and the leading rebounder for Dream Team, will leave the defending champion and play for SAMURAI and Jack Chiu, Ka Ming Wan and Chi On Lau, his long-time ball-mates. With another new player Mark Yeh, SAMURAI has improved in size, which was already not bad.

IN and OUT

Wilson Chow is out, Ben Cheng is in.

Ben Cheng left M.I.B. after playing for all the first four seasons and joined SOUTHORN Tigers in 2009. Ben may not be called a “big man”, but his presence would help Tigers which has Wilson Chow out indefinitely and the departure of Dennis Chang.