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Final Day and Standings Preview

2009.05.04 12:59

D.S.F. — the 2nd Runner-up last season — bring a 6-0 record into play-offs this year.

May 17 is the last game day before playoffs, and the standings will finally be fixed before the play-offs begin on May 31.

FLIGHT Division

The loss of SOUTHORN Tigers (3-3) on May 3 confirmed a 4th seed for them and thus the first three teams will be in the order of D.S.F. (6-0), T-REX (5-1) and M.I.B. (3-2), where M.I.B. will have one more game to play against Chung Sing but the result will not affect their standings as they beat Tigers earlier this season.

Scenerio 1: WIL beat CHA, CHU loss (all 1-5) = three-way tie

In this case, the three teams become a 3-way tie and they will be in a “loop” that each team won once among the three (all 1-1). In such case, Chung Sing has a slight advantage with a positive eight points goal average fixed.

Should Wild Beasts win by, for example, 30-25 (5-point win), they will have a 48-53 (0.91) differential while Challengers will be 57-60 (GA 0.95), still, Wild Beasts will be ranked last among the three teams. In other words, Wild Beasts not only need to win but they need a bigger one.

Summary (WIL Win without enough diff.): CHU (1-5) > CHA (1-5) > WIL (1-5)
Summary (WIL Win with enough diff.): CHU (1-5) > WIL (1-5) > CHA (1-5)
Summary (WIL lose): CHA (2-4) > CHU (1-5) > WIL (0-6)

In an extreme case, if Wild Beast take a 50-30 victory in the last meeting for example, the final goal difference will be 68-58 (GA 1.172), Wild Beasts will rank above Chung Sing to be 5th.

Scenerio 2: CHU (2-4) beat MIB (3-3)

If Chung Sing win (2-4) and avoided a three-way tie, then the winner between Wild Beasts and Challengers will play on May 31 and the loser will finish the last game this season. If Challengers win (2-4), Chung Sing will rank 6th as they lost to Challengers before, otherwise Chung Sing will be 5th.

Summary (CHA lose): CHU (2-4) > WIL (1-5) > CHA (1-6)
Summary (CHA Win): CHA (2-4) > CHU (2-4) > WIL (0-6)

FORCE Division

Scenerio 1: HFC (4-2) beat GRI (4-2) = four-way tie

If the four teams tied at 4-2 at last, Photons and GRIZZ will had the advantage of winning two of the three match-ups within the tying group. GRIZZ, who beat Photons, will be in the first “sub-group” of 2-1. GRIZZ will be #1 followed by Photons. Since H.F.C. lost to Dream Team earlier and they are in the “sub-group” of 1-2 in this four, Dream Team will be 3rd and H.F.C will follow.

Summary: GRI (4-2) > PHO (4-2) > DRE (4-2) > HFC (4-2) > TRO (3-3) > GTE (1-5)

Scenerio 2: GRI (5-1) beat HFC (3-3)

GRIZZ will confirm number 1 while Photons (4-2 overall) will be number two, no matter Dream Team is 3-3 or 4-2 at last as Photons won tie-breaker. If Dream Team win (4-2), still, they will be third, followed by H.F.C. who hold a tie-breaker against Trojans and G.T. Explorers is sixth no matter how.

If Dream Team lose (3-3), then there will be a three-way tie for the 3rd to 5th place.

The three teams already finished their match-ups and Dream Team was 2-0 thus a 3rd place confirmed followed by H.F.C. (1-1) and Trojans will be 5th.

Summary: GRI (5-1) > PHO (4-2) > DRE (3-3) > HFC (3-3) > TRO (3-3) > GTE (2-4)

In other words, regardless of the results of games on May 17, the standings for FORCE Division is actually confirmed already, unless teams miss the games on May 17 with zero point being forfeited.

Please refer to page 68 to 71 of Official Basketball Rules 2008 by FIBA for details. Please kindly let us know if you have any question. Feel free to add comment below.

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