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Tigers Collapsed, DSF Unbeaten

2009.05.06 17:22

Michael’s three helped D.S.F. unbeaten

With 6-for-23 from the charity stripe, SOUTHORN Tigers still played well for thrity more minutes and led. However, the better team down the stretch won the game. Down by seven in the 4th period, D.S.F. competed and rallied back to take a 35-32 win over Tigers, and remained unbeaten in six games.

Terence Chan, played through sickness (flu), missed all seven shots from the field and four attempts at the line before he scored four points in the 4th period which put Tigers up 32-25. D.S.F. came back slowly with four free throws to pull within 29-32.

After another possesion without scoring by Tigers, Mathew Wong was fouled and made his first free throw at 30-32. He missed the next attempt but D.S.F. got the rebound. Michael Chan calmly made an open trey to take a 33-32 lead, the first lead by the team since the second period.

Tigers failed to score in the next possession, before Benson Kwong added two for a three-point lead and Tigers needed a timeout. However, the Tigers failed to make the play in the next throw-in, and could only foul. Just Benson missed both free throws with four seconds left. Ray Chan aired a desperated shot from mid-court and the game was over.

The loss by Tigers confirmed a 4th seed for them. D.S.F. confirmed a first place in division before the start of this game.

The first statistics came in only few seconds into the game, when Benny Wong was called for travelling right after tip off.

Edward Fong (out of town) did not play. SOUTHORN Tigers were 3-0 when he played, and lost all three when he did not. All losses by Tigers this season were scheduled as the first game of that game day.

Michael still average 13 points after this game and is only behind Lok Ming Sin’s 13.4 on the list. Mathew Wong, Mike Tse and Benson each had six points. D.S.F. had six blocked shots.

Ben Cheng made two free throws followed by Benny and Ken Leung who each split a pair of free throw in the first period and the team was 4-for-6 at free throw line. Since then, Tigers shot only 2-9 in the half with Ben Cheng missed all five, which include a potential three-point play. They had 8 attempts in the second half and got only one from Chi Wing Chow.

Tigers had 21 offensive rebounds. Benny tied his personal best with six boards, four offensive. Chi Wing Chow had all his six boards from the offensive end.

Three of the six victories this season by D.S.F. were decided by three points or less.