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DRE outplayed TRO in Semi-Final

2009.06.22 16:37

Trojans can only watch Chow and Dream Team from behind now.

Man Chun Chow and Ka King Kwam each scored 13 points and Seung Lung Chin added 12 points in Semi-Final for Dream Team, who beat Trojans 50-39 and will try to defend their championship on June 28.

Trojans, the SBL champion in second season, started the game quickly and behind 6 points from Mike Yau, the men of Troy took a 14-8 lead at the end of the first period, despite Seung Lung Chin (Leo) has made two three-point shots.

Dream Team caught up in the second period, got within one-point twice and finally took a 19-18 lead by a basket from Ka King Kwan before halftime.

And the lead stayed there until the end.

Boaz Yeung had Trojans’ first two baskets after the break, Mike Yau split two pairs of free throws but was still down 24-32.

Leo finished a three-point play and hit another basket, extended the lead to 39-24. Only Jerry Lee hit a three-point shot near the end of the third period but Trojans were still seeing a 12-point deficit.

After a timeout mid-way through the final period, Jerry hit another trey and pulled within 35-41 for Trojans. However, they struggled to score and allowed 7-2 spurt that had the game in double-digit margain again.

Chun To Wong hit the final basket of the game as time expired, and Dream Team just reached the 50-point mark and return to Final as the defending champion.

Michael Lau, Trojans’ leading scorer and rebounder, did not play.

Dream Team scored at least 47 points in 3 playoff games and averaged 43.7 points in nine games entering Final.

Ka King Wan, who played its fourth game for Dream Team and just qulified to be list in the scoring rank, topped Lok Ming Sin’s 12.7 by averaging 13.5 per contest. Man Chun Chow had 12.6 in nin games played after scoring 13 in Semi-Final and was third on the list.

Man Chun Chow also totaled 13 three-pointers and was second this season. Chung Hong Tsoi had 12 (4th) and Leo was 5th with 10.

Jerry Lee had 9 treys in seven games but no other Trojans had more than 4.

Dream Team shot 81.8% (18-22) at the free throw line.

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