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SAMURAI Comeback to Win SB3IV

2009.08.31 16:58

Tabo and H.F.C. was short to repeat as 3-on-3 champion.

H.F.C. reached Final after holding off T-REX 13-9. But SAMURAI was the eventual winner in the 4th Southorn Basketball 3 on 3.

Lost 7-9 to H.F.C. in the third round and fallen to the loser-bracket, SAMURAI beat Trojans, Ma Ying and T-REX respectively in each round and met H.F.C. again in the Final.

H.F.C., who was unbeaten before the two teams meet again, lost two straight games in the Finals as SAMURAI (with two faces from a Chi Chiu Au’s friend’s team called SIPALA) took away the Trophy this year.

SAMURAI in 3-on-3 IV was mixed with two “SIPALAs”

Final Standing:

  2. H.F.C.
  3. T-REX
  4. Ma Ying
  5. Trojans
  6. G.T. Explorers 2
  7. M.I.X.
  8. Challengers
  9. Squirrel
  10. SOUTHORN Tigers
  11. G.T. Explorers
  12. Wild Beasts


The winner recieved the trophy and each team a “certificate”.

Thanks to MCC again, who have taken care of the rundown and let us play smoothly.