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S.B.L. New team & 2010 Division Result

2009.11.22 23:55

Wild Beasts will not play in Southorn Basketball League in season 2010, the lottery result for filling the vacancy is: Ma Ying > Sipala > Seraph.

The Division was also decided by lottery after the O4 games, witnessed (and handled) by Gilbert Fu, Tim Cheung, Edward Fong, Will Kam, Patrick Tse, Jack Chiu, Jackie Lai, Terence Cheung, Bryan Lo and Benny Wong.

(In alphabetical order)

FLIGHT Division

  1. Challengers
  2. Chung Sing
  3. D.S.F.
  4. Ma Ying
  5. SOUTHORN Tigers
  6. T-Rex
  7. Trojans

FORCE Division

  1. Dream Team
  2. G.T. Explorers
  3. GRIZZ
  4. H.F.C.
  5. Photons
  7. Spirit (formerly know as M.I.B.)


  • If Ma Ying does not confirm by the end of next week, the next team on the list will move up;
  • M.I.B. changed its name to Spirit with new jersey and players. The finalist last season will be featuring a similar group of players plus some new faces;
  • Being one of the SBL teams before, Wild Beasts will still have the priority over completely new teams in future season(s) when they want to re-join;
  • Besides a number of teams enquired about the league at different times throughout the year, three teams, Ma Ying, Sipala and Seraph officially returned about joining the next season;
  • About new teams: Ma Ying featured former Photons Ivan Shiu. Sipala, with players who also took part for SAMURAI in the Southorn Basketball 3 on 3 last Summer, featured Au Chi Chiu. Seraph is a new team enquired about the league early this month.
  • The lottery resulted in a similar grouping to last season, which can be described as only M.I.B. and Trojans swapped its place.
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