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Southorn Basketball Flag Update

2010.05.02 23:59

The Southorn Basketball Flag (http://hoops.hk/sbf) will open from Wednesday (May 5) until May 31.

The following S.B.L. teams confirmed to join already:

  1. G.T. Explorers
  2. H.F.C.
  3. MA YING
  4. SOUTHORN Tigers
  5. T-REX
  6. D.S.F *
  7. SAMURAI *
  8. Photons *
  9. Trojans *
  10. Challengers *

* Verbally confirmed but not yet settle payment. To be FAIR to other teams, Please do not do miss the deadline for future opportunities, e.g. SBL season 2011.

The first SBF game will be held on June 27 and the event will last until August/September.

More information is now available at the event’s micro site: http://www2.hoops.hk/sbf/how-to-join/

Any interested party can show your interest by sending emails to sbflag@hoops.hk if you have not do so before.

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