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She-Key Contest

2010.05.11 11:53

A She-Key Contest will replace 1-2-4-Shootout this year at Western Park Sports Centre, where the lines are a little bit strange — with the addition of a not-yet-in-use no-charge semi-circle, an early-changed restricted (3-second) area while the three-point line remain unchanged.

Date: 2010 June 6, Sunday
Site: Western Park Sports Centre
Time: 15:45 (After the two SBL Semi-Final games)
Prize: Cash Coupon

  1. Each team can reserve no more than two seats for their players to take part
  2. If there are less than twenty (20) reservations before the game start, all players or staff can walk-in and take part until the capacity (20) is filled
  3. Each shooter will start at position number one, shooting in the order as described in the diagram below until number 16
  4. The shooter can only move to the next spot after making a basket
  5. The shooter need to make three shots in a row and two in a row at number 14 and 15 respectively
  6. Each shooter has 90 seconds in each round
  7. The quickest shooters (who can finish the game within 90 seconds) or the farthest shooter wins the game
  8. 4 participants with the most points (reach the farthest) advance to the Final Four (semi final)
  9. The Final Four match-ups will be determined by draw
  10. The winners of the 2 Semi Finals will compete for the Champion
  11. In qualification, if two or more shooters finish with same number of points, the concerned parties will enter a Lightening-round, each will be given extra 30 seconds and continue shooting from their previous spot. In case of a tie after Lightening-round, an extra period of 15 seconds will be used. If it remains tied after 15 seconds, sudden-death Free Throw will be used as the last tie breaker
  12. In sudden-death Free Throw, a freethrow made coupled with a miss by opponent, wins.

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Credits: Rules were re-written and checked with special thanks to Patrick Tse.