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Chiu edged Leo to beomce She-Key King

2010.06.10 07:34

After tying Seung Lung Chin (Leo, DRE) at the free-throw spot within one minute and thirty seconds, Chi Chiu Au (SAM) spent only 13 more seconds to complete the game and become winner of the She-Key Contest.

After the qualifications, Leo, Chris Shiu (MAY), and Ka Wai Chiu (DRE) are the only players that could enter the free throw line (scored 14) and Chiu was short to finish the final three-point shot with a few attempts within one minute and a half. The four split to a Semi-Final where Chris and Chiu square off and Leo face team-mate Wai.

While Leo beat Wai in semi-final, Chiu could just tie Chris where both finished at the free throw line and needed to break the tie in overtime. Chiu spent 13 more seconds to complete the game while Chris needed 28 seconds to see the three-point shot went through the basket.

Chiu needed another OT to win it all.

Overall Results


  • 16 (+13s) – Chi Chiu Au
  • 14 Seung Lung Chin


  • Chi Chiu Au 16 (+13s) vs Chris Shiu 16 (+28s)
  • Seung Lung Chin 14 vs Ka Wai Chiu 13


  • 15 – Chi Chiu Au (SAM)
  • 14 – Seung Lung Chin (DRE)
  • 14 – Ka Wai Chiu (DRE)
  • 14 – Chris Shiu (MAY)
  • 13 – Boris Lee (MAY)
  • 13 – William Yim (TRO)
  • 11 – Jackie Lai (SAM)
  • 10 – Terence Leung (GRI)
  • 9 – Benny Wong (SOU)
  • 8 – Ka Shing Hui (DRE)
  • 8 – Sunny Wong (TRO)
  • 7 – Patrick Tse (SOU)

Videos highlights:

Semi-Final (Before OT)

Chi Chiu Au  (SAM)

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Final (Before OT)

Chi Chiu Au (SAM)

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Patrick Tse (SOU)

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Seung Lung Chin (DRE)

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Sunny Wong (TRO)

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