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Sixth Sense

2010.08.30 12:01

Southorn Basketball Flag need Wild Six to play their sixth game to determine a winner.

Wild Six 42, Photons 53

Down by double figures for long stretch due to a slow start, Wild Six finally was back in the game and came as close as 40-42 mid-way through the final period. But they could not get any closer.

The surging Photons handed Wild Six their first loss in Southorn Basketball Flag and forced a second game to determine a winner. Alex Choi added a game 19 points, Harris Wong added 13 as Photons overcame 18 points from Jonathan Lo.

The two teams will re-match on September 5 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre for a final game. Who gets the flag?

D.S.F. 33, SOUTHORN Tigers 57

SOUTHORN Tigers kept roaring in the consolation with a second straight game topped the 50-point mark after the 57-33, 9th place victory over DSF. Benny Wong scored a team-high 13 points, Jackie Lai added ten points, five boards and three assists.

Michael Chan added 16 points and eight boards but D.S.F. were again short-handed with only six players and they just could not sustain a whole game of quality play.