2024-04-16 06:09:20

S.B.A. Online Calendar

2010.10.06 08:15

I. Adding S.B.A. Calendar to your Google Calendar (or iCal, etc)

If you are using Google Calendar or any calendar that can read the ics format, you can “import” the S.B.A. calendar by the following link:

The steps below are for Google Calendar:

1. Login your Google Calendar and click “Add” below “Other calendars”:

2. Choose “Add by URL”:

3. Put the above mentioned “Calendar Link” in the box:

II. Synchronize with your mobile device

If at the same time you are using mobile device, e.g. iPhone or iPad, you can also use “Google Sync” to add the Calendar to your device, please read this:


Other devices or services should do something similar.

(Sorry that I do not have any Android or other mobile device but I think there shall be some sort of other synchronization for adding the Calendar.)