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Flag 2014

2014.05.08 17:32

The summer series is coming again. While there are some minor changes, the event basically uses the same format as before: double-elimination.

  • Tentative Duration: Sundays in July to September 2014
  • Application deadline: June 8
  • Capacity: 8 to 12 teams
  • Fee: $3200 ($2700 + $500 refundable caution money)
  • Number of games: 4 to 7
  • Format: Double-Elimination with Consolation


  • Transfer $3200 to this bank account:  HSBC 045­-210 309-­833;
  • Send your receipt copy to sbflag@hoops.hk;
  • Teams currently playing in Southorn Basketball League can carry forward the $500 caution money, i.e. $2700 only;
  • Further details will be provided by Email, send us also additional Email addresses for your team’s contact purposes where necessary.

[ Revised Rules and Regulations for Flag ]

Base on an 8-team format, each team will play at least four games* (i.e. can only lose four times at most!) While even number of teams is a basic requirement for the format, in addition to the 10-team and 12-team variations, we added a “twisted” bracket^ so in case nine is the final number of teams (see below).

Possible brackets when there are more than eight teams:

  1. 9-team (new)

    Match-ups will be determined by random draw while “Team I” will be determined by the following order if applicable:

    • Champion of previous Southorn Basketball Flag (the Flag);
    • Champion of the latest Southorn Basketball League (the League);
    • A lottery of new team(s) which did not play in the latest League;
    • The highest ranked team of the latest League, if all nine teams were previously in either League or Flag;
    • True random.
  2. 10-team

    “Team I” and “Team J” will follow the arrangement of the 9-team settings mentioned above.
  3. 12-team (the “original” format in 2010)

    “Team 9 to 12” will follow the arrangement of the 9-team settings mentioned above. (Same as in 2010)

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Points to note:

  • * The “minimum number of 4 games” only guaranteed in 8-team and for non-seeded teams in 9-team and 12-team format.
  • ^ A 11-team format may be developed, but to be finalized.