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Which Angle Do You Like?

2014.07.21 17:54

There is always limitation for us as a non-professional organization, but we would still like to have your feedback when are always trying to be (or pretend to be) professional. After some tries with the backboard view. Which Angle do you like the most?

Note: We DO NOT guarantee the backboard video is available to all games due to many reasons. This is always a BONUS only, like any other multi-media materials in SBA.

We have ONLY ONE GoPro Hero camera and there is only one clamp and one goose neck (the “arm”) to project its position to a certain level (we’ve handled the battery life problem already).

Base on the above setup and we have had some tries at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre, the followings are some results:

(A) Centre, general distance from rim  
(B) Centre, wider view  
(C) Centre, closer to the rim  
(D) Right side, general wide angle  
(E) Righ-side, face more bottom  

 Or, do you have other ideas or thoughts?

Backboard ViewGoPro HERO 3+