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A second season with two new teams

2020.09.24 10:47

The two new teams were H.F.C. and Trojans.

After G.T. Explorers upset SAMURAI in the semi-final and the 5-sunday first season of Southorn Basketball League has been rounded up by a SOUTHORN Tigers victory in 2006, the League did not end there. Instead of simply doing it again with the four teams played together for two months, a second season was confirmed to begin with two expansion teams.

We don’t know how to translate “friend’s friends” in English more “lively”, but this is really what had happened to the expansion.

Martin Khan (#6) from G.T. Explorers, like many of the players already in the league, played basketball with of course more than one group of friends and so, he approached the League (a person?) and asked if his friends could join. This was how H.F.C. became the 5th team of SBL.

On the other hand, colleagues of Patrick Tse (#8, SOUTHORN Tigers) from a company of horse business (what does that mean!?) were interested to form a team to play organized basketball, together with some other, again, “friend’s friends”, a sixth team Trojans concluded the first ever expansion of the League, which has become a six-team team group after the four-team series ended.

Two more teams does not make too much a difference in terms of scheduling, while instead of three hours for two games, four hours would be reserved for three games each Sunday and the extra hour of time could still be spread and there were again plenty of time before and after each game for warm-up and cool-down.

Therefore, still in 2006, the second season of the Southorn Basketball League tipped off again.

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