2024-05-21 21:53:00

The game schedule would NOT be changed normally once announced, except the following cases listed below. A notification to the League ONE DAY BEFORE is also required for any of the changes to be made.

1. Switching Match-Ups Within the Same Day

The simplest change allowed is to play on a different time slot on the same day a match-up was originally scheduled.

If PHO, SPN, GRI and AVN ALL agree, the PHO-SPN match-up can be pushed to 21:40 while GRI-AVN will be played at 19:20.

Any changes similar to this concept will be allowed with the CONSENT OF ALL FOUR TEAMS.

2. Switching Opponent

Another case is simpler in terms of number of teams involved.

If XPX and HFC agree to switch their own match-up against the same opponent, which is SAM in this case, XPX can push their schedule to Feb 3 while HFC will play first on Jan 20.

It does not make sense when: (i) A single same opponent shall not be assigned on the same day normally; (ii) One of the teams plays two games under the revised schedule (unless that particular team intended to do that!?)

Only the CONSENT OF TWO TEAMS is required.

3. Switching Match-Ups on Different Day

This third case is the same as the first case, except the change is made between match-ups on two different days.

HFC and SOU agree to play on January 20 in the slot that was originally assigned for the GRI-AVN match-up, while GRI and AVN will postpone their meeting to February 17.

Similar to case one, this change can be made with the CONSENT OF ALL FOUR TEAMS.

* Points to Note

  • A game is fixed only when BOTH game site and game time is announced. With either or none of the time and site still to be confirmed, the final schedule may still change.
  • The schedule announced with match-ups is tentative, with the finalized site and time usually announced about ten days before its tentative assigned date.
  • The above changes may also be made to to-be-announced schedule (i.e. time and site NOT finalized), if teams agreed.