2024-04-19 22:54:18

This section is a copy of the Basketball Statistician’s Manual by FIBA.


Following an initiative by several stakeholders of the global basketball family, the FIBA Statistics Manual that has existed since the early years of computed statistics, and that had been revised in 2005, has been completely reviewed and brought up to standards.

The game of basketball is under current development and so are the rules of the game and the way statistical criteria are to be captured, The excellent initiative was aimed at creating standards that will have to be followed by statisticians all around the world.

We believe that the work of the statisticians is forming an important contribution to the development of the game, The provide data not only to coaches and athletes, but also to the media and fans. We hope that the new version of the FIBA Statisticians Manual will help you making your job easier and that the outcome will thus be more consistent all around the world.

We would like to express our appreciation to Lubomir Kotleba (FIBA), Zoran Radovic (FIBA), Wolfram Klug (FIBA), Florian Wanninger (FIBA), Kosta lIiev (FIBA Europe), Nick Marzoli (FIBA Europe), Ed Scott (Euroleague), Xavi Garcia (Euroleague), Pablo Campoy (Euroleague), Matthew Cowling (SportingPulse)’ Andy Fischer (ST Sportservice) and Arnaud Sevaux (French Basketball Federation), for their contribution to this manual.

October 2008