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SOU 37, MIB 33

2006.07.09 22:10

Terence Chan missed both free throws as the game begins, M.I.B. grabbed the rebound and Samson Tong scored his only goal of the game on the ensuing fast break, as M.I.B. take the lead 2-0 first. Two consecutive three-pointers, however, by Benny Wong and Ken Leung, a layup by Will Kam, followed by a three-point play by Terence concluded a 10-0 run and put the Tigers back to a 10-2 lead, and they never trail again.

M.I.B. was 7 points behind at half time but Jefferson Tong scored the team’s first 8 points after the break, inclduing one from down town in the mix, to reduce SOUTHORN’s lead to just one point. Wilson Chow hit two jumpers and followed by two treys by Benny Wong as SOUTHORN Tigers take a 33-27 advantage into the final period. The last shot by Benny Wong was made off the glass just before the time expired.

Jefferson Tong had a double-double, scored 14 points and have 12 boards. Both teams could not get their shots easily in the final period. Will Kam hit an open jumper off the glass under the rim with more than 3 minutes left on the clock but it was the last goal for his team.

M.I.B. used the same starting lineup for both games, and Ben Cheng haven not attend a game so far, while SOUTHORN Tigers started Will Kam at centre, Patrick Tse at forward and Ken Leung at guard as Chi Wing Chow, who started the first game, was absent. Wilson Chow came off the bencand scored 4 points and grabbed 2 rebounds. Bryan Lo lead all reserves of both teams in scoring. He scored 5 point with one three point shot, he hit two field goals in the second period.

SOUTHORN Tigers has two players not available. Edward Fong is still in the States, Chi Wing Chow was in a business trip. Stephen Lam played and allowed the team to play eight players despite Cindy Lee, the only female player in the league, dressed but did not play. M.I.B. forward Ben Cheung did not come with his team for the second time.

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