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GTE 18, SAM 24

2006.07.09 22:00

Michael Chan, from SAMURAI, and Michael Killeen from G.T. Explorers, who scored 15 and 12 in their season debut respectively, were both absent in their team’s second game, along with only 2 points, and zero field goals by Jackie Lai, who also scored 15 points in game 1 for SAMURAI, resulted in a low scoring first half between the match up of the two teams.

Eric Leung, one of the four players in double digits in game 1, was scoreless and missed all three 3-point attempts.

The two teams scored their first point both by making only one of the first two free throw attempts, by Angus Chan and JackieLai for G.T. Explorers and SAMURAI respectively. The one point for the team by Angus Chan is his only point in the game and also the team’s only point for the period.

Ernest Chan is the only other player to score in the period as SAMURAI took a 3-1 lead. Both teams made only two field goals in the second period and combined for only 12 total points in the first half. Dennis Chang, who was scoreless in the first half, scored 3 points including a foul shots in the 3rd period and William Wong hit 3 from the line to maintain the lead entering the final period.

Edwin Choi was fouled out in the final period and three pointers by Francisco Ferreira and Eddie Ng are not enough to come back as the team lost 18-24.

The Explorers need to win the next game to avoid being winless before the playoff begins.