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SOU 23, SAM 53

2006.06.25 22:00

Two early turnovers, both on travelling called to Terence Chan, who made the first and only field goal for the team, may have decided the overall pace and result of the team’s season debut.

Terence Chan scored only 4 points, while four SAMURAI players scored in double digits, as the team lost in a blow out 23-53 to SAMURAI.

Wilson Chow hit 3 foul shots and 2 jumpers, and assisted a three pointer by Benny Wong in the second period. They combined for all the team’s ten points in the second period as Terence Chan sat for a significant time with 2 fouls.

With the lack of defense by SOUTHORN Tigers, SAMURAI players scored amost at will. Open shots one by another extended the lead to 10 at half time.

As SOUTHORN Tigers started the second half, suprisingly, by three reserves, SAMURAI even outscored the opponent 17-6 in the 3rd period. Jackie Lai scored 10 of his 15 points and outscored the opponent team by himself in that period.

SOUTHORN Tigers has 9 turnovers. SAMURAI has only two and win the game despite a 6-13 disadvantage on offensive rebounds. In fact, the low number of offensive rebounds should be a result of high accuracy of shooting, which the team shoot 20-39.

Eric Leung, SAMURAI team captian, scored 10 points off the bench, including 2-5 three point shooting. Jack Chiu was scoreless with four fouls.

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