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M.I.B. Comeback To Win In League Debut

2006.06.25 22:00

MIB 26, GTE 22.

The first game of the season, and of the league, was tied at 7 after the first period, and G.T. Explorers looked to take control in the second period, Michael Killeen scored all eight G.T. Explorers’ points in the period and put the team to a five-point lead entering the half.

Jefferson Tong was fouled out in the final period after he scored a team high 9 points and grabbed five rebounds. He and his cousin Samson Tong are the only players on the team who made shots from the arc, combined for 3 on 10 attempts, while Michael Killeen made only one on twelve attempts.

Michael Killeen made one of the two free throws, missed four 3-point attempts and scored only one point in the final period.

Four field goals from different M.I.B. players, Gilbert Fu, Stanley Ma, a trey by Samson Tong, and Adrian Chou give the team 9 points and avoided a loss in the season debut.

G.T. Explorers have 35 rebounds, 12 offensive ones but they shoot only .186, while M.I.B. has better percentages on FG, 3Pt and FT. M.I.B. shot 5-12 at the line.

Both Bryant Chan (GTE) and Ben Cheung (MIB), did not attend the game.

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