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New Environment Again


Some players never change teams, some do. Several HOOPS.HK players are now playing for their third (or more) teams.

Best Original Four Yet


SOUTHORN Tigers escaped from being losing a single game by a two-point victory against SAMURAI on the third day of Original Four 2014, become the winner this year.

Young and Mixing: M.I.X.


The first M.I.X. may not be this team, but this is the first official team to be named M.I.X. in Southorn Basketball Association.

One More Wanted


Last year, we pushed the enrollment deadline for the Southorn Basketball Flag for a week when we were still waiting for the 8th team to join. This year, we have now seven teams paid before the month of June has even arrived. I think we don’t need to wait for too long this time, right?

5 Teams Now for Flag


Five teams joined Flag, three to go.

M.I.B. Comeback Win, 2nd in O4


M.I.B. erased a six-point deficit in the final period and handed G.T. Explorers a third loss and the 38-34 victory lift the men in black to the overall second place in Original Four 2012.

Tigers Edged M.I.B. 41-35, Leads O4


M.I.B. certainly want to have less players again, as they lost 35-41 to SOUTHORN Tigers in a game where there were more than six men in black. While M.I.B. is not hopeless for winning O4 since they beat SAMURAI in previous game, two victories would not only prevent Tigers from being the bottom team like […]

Original 4, 3 Teams, 2 Games, 1 Day


The Original Four 2011 will be held on Nov 27 despite there are only three teams now.

August-September, Trans-Formers


Already with two former M.I.B. on the team this year, SOUTHORN Tigers is mixed with another in Gilbert Fu for a second time in the first consolation game. Former SAMURAI Jackie Lai and former Chung Sing Lok Ming Sin helped Tigers to beat the short-handed Challengers 55-27. They followed it with another victory against D.S.F., […]

June and July, won't catch the Flag


Southorn Basketball Flag began on June 27, only half of the Original Four teams, SOUTHORN Tigers and G.T. Explorers joined the game. While Eric Leung from SAMURAI suited for D.S.F. in the series, Jackie Lai followed, but going to the event in Tigers uniform. Gilbert Fu also joined Tigers instead of being M.I.B. or SPIRIT. […]