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August-September, Trans-Formers

2010.09.05 23:50

Already with two former M.I.B. on the team this year, SOUTHORN Tigers is mixed with another in Gilbert Fu for a second time in the first consolation game. Former SAMURAI Jackie Lai and former Chung Sing Lok Ming Sin helped Tigers to beat the short-handed Challengers 55-27.

They followed it with another victory against D.S.F., who has three former SAMURAI including Eric Leung, Michael Chan and Benson Kwong. The 57-33 win marked the first time Jackie Lai playing against Eric Leung.

G.T. Explorers did have a lead in the beginning against D.S.F. but their hope to play in a 9th place game faded quick as they only scored 16 points in a third straight game. While having a final chance to get second win in the event, the Explorers failed to dress enough players for the game and lost by forfeit to Challengers.