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Final Flag-tasy

2010.09.07 13:42

Everything has a beginning, has an end.

The summer came to an end, so as the Southorn Basketball Flag. Thank you!

Thank you for everybody’s participation again. See below for the overall results.
Overall ranking
Champion: Wild Six (5-1)

After the lone loss in the final stage, Wild Six bounced to beat Photons in the second match-up and win it all in the series, become the team to grab the flag. Led by Jonathan Lo’s 10 point per contest, Wild Six topped the 45-point mark in all wins and 40-point in all games.

1st Runner-Up: Photons (6-2)

Coming back from loser-bracket and getting a win against Wild Six helped Photons to extend the series to an 8th game. Despite having a game-leading 13.6 points from Alex Choi, Photons, however, could not upset Wild Six for a second time and fell in a 43-50 loss in Final.

2nd Runner-Up: T-REX (3-2)

T-REX only fell to loser-bracket down the stretch, but as they failed to beat Photons for a second time in the event, they also failed to revenge in Final against Wild Six. Jonathan Poon continue to be one of the strongest threat under the basket as he averaged 11.4 points and 6.4 rebounds in five games.

3rd Runner-Up: Trojans (3-2)

The two-time S.B.L. champion cannot extend their winners through the Flag. Trojans lost in overtime as a seeded team in the second round to Photons and to them again in the second-last round of loser-bracket.

5th Place: Dream Team (1-2), H.F.C. (2-2)

Dream Team might have the mightiest route in the series. After routing G.T. Explorers with a 40-point margin, they were beaten by Wild Six, who held them in a scoreless first period and dropped them to the loser-bracket. They then face Trojans, who they played against in likely the tightest fight in the whole series in a 62-66 loss, which ended their series.

Having been bothered by inconsistency since S.B.L. playoffs, H.F.C. would also be ranked 5th after losing to Photons in a one-point nail biter in the loser-bracket.

7th Place: MA YING (1-2),  Squirrel (1-2)

MA YING was not as successful as in the S.B.F. after reaching the S.B.L. final. Chung Ming Mok’s departure may affected them, but Mok’s T-REX only beat MA YING 38-36 in their first game. MA Ying followed it by a victory against D.S.F. in loser-bracket but was out-played by Trojans in the next game.

Squirrel, one of the two new teams ever playing in full-court games organized by the S.B.A., was sent to loser-bracket by Photons, but they take a first victory against the lowly G.T. Explorers. However, they played last time in the series in next game, when they lost 34-23 against H.F.C.

9th Place: SOUTHORN Tigers (2-2)

Out-matched in the first round by T-REX and failed to survive in a loser-bracket close fight against H.F.C., the Tigers took advantage in the Consolations with two 50-point game against Challengers and D.S.F.

10th Place: D.S.F. (1-3)

Again bothered by the number of players available, D.S.F. had six players in a 57-33 loss to SOUTHORN Tigers. Facing a tough road, they first lost to Wild Six in the series opener followed by another double-figure loss against MA YING.

11th Place Challengers (1-3)

Challengers let the lead slip away in the first round against G.T. Explorers and could not match Trojans in the loser-bracket.  The team went to consolation but started it with only five players against Tigers and couldn’t find a victory until the very last game in the series. Unfortunately, it was only a lost by forfeit by the opponent, see below.

12th Place G.T. Explorers (1-3)

After a 39-32 victory over Challengers on the event’s first day, G.T. Explorers failed to reach the 20-point mark twice before they fell to consolation. Scoring exactly 16 points for a third straight time against D.S.F. put them to only a 11-place fight but they could not dress enough players for a final fight and to be ranked last.