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This day 14 years ago, we tipped off!


If just four teams can form a league, so the league is formed. The first season of Southorn Basketball League was a two-phase event with the four teams taking part in a single round-robin format, so they will fight for a “standing” (sorry, there is no “home-court” thus no advantage for that) before they enter […]

Down The Stretch 2013 (Apr 7 Round-Up)


Four games finished on April 7 as the play-off picture is getting clearer.

GRIZZ Rout Depleted Tigers 43-28


GRIZZ beat short-handed Tigers 43-28 on Sunday behind 15 points from Tony Chow (GRI #11) and split their first two games in 2013 this year. Droste Stefan (GRI #24) was two points shy for a double-double with eights points and eleven boards.

Tigers Edged M.I.B. 41-35, Leads O4


M.I.B. certainly want to have less players again, as they lost 35-41 to SOUTHORN Tigers in a game where there were more than six men in black. While M.I.B. is not hopeless for winning O4 since they beat SAMURAI in previous game, two victories would not only prevent Tigers from being the bottom team like […]

Tigers Spoil Explorers’ Re-Union


It would be a very unusual circumstances when no other teams have more players than G.T. Explorers in any given night, but they really did on the first day of Original Four this year. SOUTHORN Tigers, however, still started the series by beating G.T. Explorers 49-31.

From Coast to Coast, any upset on Sunday?


H.F.C. and MA YING will square off on Sunday in second round with three other match-ups in the same evening.

Chung Sing rout Sluggish Tigers 45-36


Chung Sing rout SOUTHORN Tigers 46-35 in 2012 debut.




Raimondian Game Recap


卓麟鬥卓倫.堅毅克力行 【 HOOPS.HK 專訊】「肥波」張嘉銘和「周七」周德基一跳,堅毅力行大戰一觸即發。兩班超齡同學仔換上白綠兩色球衣,6 月 26 日齊集於灣仔修頓室內場館,跟從立法會地理分區模式,打出一分咬住一分上的緊張戲碼。分數或許已忘,哪位最好波也拗不出結論,惟有一點雙方達到一致共識:「件波衫質地都算唔錯」。 在 DOS 印錯球衣的狼狽情況下,球賽仍然順利舉行。第一節黎卓倫表現不錯,連入兩球再搏得罰球,一連為力行帶來 5 分進帳。堅毅恃著有「 Wong Sir 」黃維俊的殺食體能,企圖以全場緊迫人釘人的戰術,控制局面,可惜並不湊效。此時堅毅隊方翊宇更豪送 Eric 梁振權兩個罰球,令人懷疑方想以此賀對方新婚。第一節堅毅稍為領先力行 1 分 11 比 10。 第二節再換入全場最年輕,有「高記方大同」之稱的周定國入場,周的女友即吹 pong pong 支持。場外 pong pong 聲這時始起彼落,只見球證一對子女,以 pong pong 打氣為名、追打洋姐妹為實,不過總算搞點起氛。回望場內,第二節堅毅稍欠毅力,一度落後 18 比 20 逾 2 分鐘之久,連計分員翟太也難掩悶容,幸好臨完場前 2 秒,「肥波」接得黃奕楠傳球後射入一球「 Buzzer Beater 」,半場完前追成平手。 易邊後,萬綠叢中一點紅、堅毅隊「絲襪男」黃奕楠接應廿年老友「肥熙」謝冠熙傳送,先入一記三分球,隨後「肥波」兩罰中一,將比數拉開至全場最遠的 6 分距離。 第三節,堅毅力行兩隊的 12 號均有出色表現,陳卓麟 4 個罰球全中,另一位「卓倫」亦在人叢中為球隊帶內兩分,「波神」區志超亦投入一記遠程三分球,之後雖然另一球中距離跳投「炒粉」,但「周七」搶得進攻籃板後隨即補中,力行隊連搶 7 分製造小小高潮, 以 27 比 26 搶回領先優勢。 此時「方大同」周定國接應快攻先取兩分,替堅毅再次取回領先優勢,力行黎卓倫又頻頻失手,更連兩球罰球失手。比數膠著達數分鐘之久,直到第三節完場前不到一分鐘,方翊宇一記「 90 度擦板」入球才打破悶局。第三節完結前只剩下 […]

Tigers Edged Chung Sing, Snapped Losing Streak


Terence Chan and Wilson Chow lift Tigers past Chung Sing in a 42-40 victory.