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SAM 29, GTE 33

2006.08.13 22:10

The SAMURAI may have underestimated the team zero-and-three record, which is a reverse of their own.

Michael Killeen scored 9 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in his second game for the season, helped the G.T. Explorers to snap a three-game losing streak and won 33:29 against the number one seeded SAMURAI.

The other Michael, Chan from SAMURAI, scored a game high eleven points on just 1-8 shooting. He missed only one free throw on ten attempts.

Dennis Chang added 6 points and 5 rebounds but they are not enough to help the team playing in the Final.

SAMURAI center James Kwan got three fouls in just the first period and spent most of the first half at the bench. His team lead 7-3 in the first period but G.T. Explorers tied it in the second period by two baskets from Larry Cheng and Michael Killeen.

Michael Chan made two free throws and a field goal to put his team back to a four point lead at halftime when the scoreboard still looked to suggest this game might have a similar result as before. Explorers shoot only 3-16 from the field in the first half but they made 11 field goals on 33 attempts after the break.

One basket by Angus Chan followed by two three point shots from Brayant Chan and Michael Killeen concluded a 8-2 run for the Explorers to take a 15-13 lead. Eric Leung was fouled later and he made two foul shots. He then made a three point shot to finish the 3rd period by a small 5-0 run of his own as his team took back the lead at 18-15.

However, the final period determined the result when Dennis Chang and Michael Chan are the only SAMURAIs to score the rest of the game.

Contrary to SAMURAI’s scoring options in the final period, six Explorers scored in the last ten minutes.

The game was tied again at 21 early in the 4th periodn after field goals by Eddie Ng and Kelvin Lui and Angus Chan. After another layup by Angus Chan, Francisco Ferreira stole the throw-in pass and made a easy layup as the team took a four-point lead, the biggest for the Explorers in the game at that time.

Allen Lo missed an open layup on a fast break which might not only have given him the first score but also put the team to reach the 35-point mark.

This is the first time in four games both teams in a single game scored more than thirty points.

After a time out, the SAMURAI was still unable to find a way to score. Michael Killeen hit his second trey and extended the lead to seven points. Bryant Chan made another basket and, with only four Explorers in the front court, Eddie Ng made a wide open three-point shot as the team took a 33-21 lead with less than two minute left.

Angus Chan scored 8 points and 7 rebounds and was fouled out in the final period. Martin Khan, Kelvin Lui, Larry Cheng have three fouls each. Since then, Michael Chan went to the foul line three times and scored 5 points while teammate Dennis Chang finished a three-point play with less than 20 seconds left.

But this 8-0 run did not won them time as the Explorers run out the clock and went away with a 33-29 win. Bryant Chan fell on the floor on a hard foul in the middle of the game and looked painful. He left the court briefly and returned to play.

SAMURAI played without starter Jacky Lai who is not in town. Aston Lie played his season debut and win.

James Kwan did not foul again since retuning from the bench.